Do you ever wonder if the marketing you are doing is have the right affect on your audience? Are you sure you are targeting the right market? Would you be interested in learning on how to eliminate the guesswork?

Well – you’re in luck – because there is a process you can use to more effectively segment your target market, and say good by to the one-size-fits all messaging. It’s called marketing automation. Using buyer personas and automation tools, you can move your marketing in the right direction.

First, we should discuss a little about marketing automation. Marketing automation is a suite of tools designed to help marketing professionals drive more leads, nurture those leads, and turn them into sales. The functionality includes behavioral-based email marketing, anonymous site visitor tracking, advanced analytics and reporting, sales tools and more.

A big success factor for marketing automation, is creating the right buyer personas for your audience. Once you have established the buyer personas, you can use those personas in your marketing automation platform to target your communications with your intended audience. This will allow you to:

  • More effectively target your customer audiences
  • Utilize dynamic emails and landing pages
  • Fine tune your segmentation processes
  • Increase your open rates, click-through rates and conversions

Create Personas to Streamline Your Messages

Using buyer personas, you can create different messaging to different roles within the same company. For example, you may have a CEO buyer persona, a marketing buyer persona and a sales buyer persona. Each of these individuals are motivated by different things, so the messaging needs to be targeted specifically to their motivations.

Most marketing automation tools allow you to self-select a role by answering a question on a website form or for leads you already have, you can assign a role. These roles are tied to the buyer personas. Providing what seems like individualized messaging based on their needs/wants, will help increase conversion rates.

Personas do away with the one-size-fits all marketing and brings back the human side of marketing. By creating effective buyer personas, you can create successful messaging targeted to the individual. The more individualized/personalized the content, the greater the conversions.